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Rapid Acquisition Support

Space Rapid Capabilities Office (Space RCO)

As a prime contractor for the Space Rapid Capabilities Office (Space RCO) since 2019, MTSI provides highly specialized systems engineers and acquisition specialists to develop low-cost, rapid reaction payloads, busses, launch, and launch control capabilities to meet operational needs of today’s warfighter.

Space Development Agency (SDA)

Since 2020, MTSI played a key role in defining the future National Defense Space Architecture (NDSA) for the Space Development Agency (SDA). Today, we serve critical roles in the development of acquisition strategies and technology development efforts to meet aggressive cost and schedule requirements for both the Transport and Tracking Layers.

Space Systems Command (SSC) Rapid Reaction Branch

For over a decade, MTSI performed rapid prototyping, testing, deployment, and sustainment of ground-based, space capabilities to meet Combatant Commanders time-sensitive requirements. We achieve this through a joint military-government civilian Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) team focused on capability delivery to the warfighter.


Cutting Edge Software Integration

National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Ground Enterprise Directorate

MTSI serves as the sole provider for the continued evolution and sustainment the National Reconnaissance Office’s (NRO) Ground Enterprise Directorate’s (GED) Battlespace Visualization Initiative (BVI) capabilities since the late 1990s. BVI provides collection situational capabilities for a diverse blend of National, Tactical, and Maritime assets, covering past (event reconstruction), present (in near real time), and future time windows. BVI delivers visualization content compatible with multiple industry standard visualization tools, including Cesium, Leaflet, Google Earth, and others.

Platform One

MTSI supports the Department of the Air Force Platform One, LevelUP program with full-stack development, security, and operations software functions; the build and operation of multi-tenant shared services in support of software development teams; and containment of existing applications onto the cloud platform. By utilizing and implementing agile principles and lean startup practices, we provide continuous delivery and instill team dynamics rapid respond and dynamic changes.

Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Space Vehicles Directorate

MTSI supports Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Small Business Incentive Research (SBIR) contracts. As part of our current SBIR Phase III contract, MTSI provides engineering support and application development for AFRL in support of the Joint Task Force – Space Defense (JTF-SD) and the National Space Defense Center (NSDC). MTSI engineers utilize our expertise in Breakup Modeling, real-time data integration, Cloud Application Development, Data Science, User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) and DevSecOps to transition applications from R&D to operations.

Office of Space Commerce

As a subcontract to KBR/Centauri, MTSI provides engineering support and application development for the JTF-SD. MTSI engineers utilize our expertise in real-time data integration, Cloud Application Development, Data Science, UI/UX and DevSecOps to develop applications for the purpose of building out the JTF operational center.


Space Modeling & Simulations

Supporting Space Situational Awareness

MTSI delivers agile development, software engineering and analytical services to National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Ground Enterprise Directorate (GED)/Integrated Intelligence System Program Office (I2SPO) in support of the Battlespace Visualization Initiative (BVI). Through BVI, MTSI provides responsive and innovative space, air, maritime, and ground-based intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)-system situational awareness solutions to the Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD).

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Systems Engineering & Integration

Missile Defense Agency (MDA/SS)

As the prime SETA contractor, MTSI leads cradle-to-grave technical, programmatic and engineering efforts for the MDA Space Sensors program office. This includes threat analysis, architectures/concepts, requirements, sensor data analysis, design, acquisition support and integration of emerging capabilities. Principal programs include the Spacebased Kill Assessment (SKA) and Hypersonic & Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor (HBTSS) programs.


A Leader in Strategic Space Initiatives

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Contract Vehicles

Period of Performance: February 2014 – February 2024
Customer(s): All Government
Key Personnel:
Michael Fink & Patrick Byrne, Corporate OASIS SB Contract Manager (COCM)
(703) 564 – 3869
[email protected]

OASIS is the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service’s (FAS) next generation contract vehicle for complex professional services. The vehicle addresses a broad range of federal agency needs for professional service requirements that that span 28 NAICS codes and 6 NAICS code exceptions under the economic subsector 541, Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services. This contract vehicle:

  • Spans multiple professional service disciplines;
  • Any one or combination of all of the above.
  • Requires flexibility for all contract types at the task order level including cost reimbursement; and
  • Contains Ancillary Support components commonly referred to as Other Direct Costs (ODCs);
  • Contains significant IT components, but are not IT requirements in and of themselves;

The objective of OASIS is to provide government agencies with total integrated solutions for many professional, service-based requirements on a global basis. These professional service requirements may call for solutions that cross over multiple disciplines, include ancillary support, and require commercial and/or non-commercial items, using a variety of contract types including fixed-price, cost reimbursement, time and materials/labor hour, or a hybrid mix of contract types.


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Period of Performance: September 2019 – September 2024
Customer(s): Department of Defense
Key Personnel:
Randall Soileau, SMARTECS Program Manager
(703) 564-3849
[email protected]

Michael Fink, MTSI Contracts Director
(703) 564-3869
[email protected]

SMARTECS is a Task Order issued under MTSI’s OASIS contract administered by GSA FEDSIM with a ceiling value of $247 million. SMARTECS’ purpose is to provide key mission partners with integration, testing, evaluation, collection, and analysis of specialized Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance capabilities to support force protection, air warfare, global strike, actionable intelligence missions, and ongoing research and development (R&D) testing in critical technology areas. Continuous testing and experimentation will provide rapid-reaction R&D and operational platforms for integration into existing mission activities.